Dog Wash Confessions

29 May

Often when I walk around the neighborhood I am greeted by many customers. Sometimes they greet with a smile, a quick hello, a longer conversation, and sometimes; a dog wash confession. Dog wash confession? Yes this is the conversation where my customers tell me that they are sorry that they have not been in and that their dog needs a bath. Usually my response is: “No need to be sorry, we are open 7 days a week, last bath is at 6:20pm.” The other day when this occurred, I decided to change it up and said: “Oh dear, after you give your dog 7 pats, and 6 butt scratches, go to the wash, you have time to squeeze in a bath today.” Thank goodness, my customer smiled and said, you would never get that response from someone from PetSmart, we love that you are in my neighborhood.

I love my business and I love walking around my neighborhood and seeing lots of clean dogs and dirty ones too!


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