Terri Steuben helps me to understand my pets

19 Mar

Several years go, a friend introduced me to Terri Steuben. My friend stated that Terri was the best animal communicator she had ever met. My friend also admired Terri’s wonderful and calming energy. Since I owned South Bark Dog Wash, I was willing to investigate animal communication. I did not know much about it. I rescued my dog Pete from the Humane Society. He was knocking at deaths’ door. (He had been there almost 1 year) Pete had “issues” with people and dogs. I was up for the challenge and happily adopted Pete. His estimated age was between 4-5.

I made an appointment with Terri and we talked about Pete’s stay at the Human Society, etc. I told her nothing except his age, and a few facts from the Humane Society. She mentioned to me that Pete was very scared of buses  and louder noises such as motorcycles. She also told me that he liked his eating his raw food. (I definitely did not tell her that he was eating raw food) Terri told me it would take work in order for Pete not to be fearful of people, but that in time, he would start to trust more. I wasn’t expecting Terri to be a miracle worker but she absolutely gave me so much insight and taught me to better communicate with my Pete. These last tidbit of info I found interesting. She also told me that Pete missed his orange treats. (Hmmm orange treat? I don’t feed him orange treats) Terri reminded me that some information may not make sense, but might make sense down the road. She also told me that we communicate with our pets using pictures.  And I need to make better word choices when communicating to my pets.

About one month after my meeting with Terri, my manager Heidi was playing with Pete. Pete would get very excited to see her and race around for her. This moment I will not forget. Heidi bent down and said to Pete, I am so sorry I have not been giving you your morning carrots. A light bulb went off in my head, Orange Treat?—-Terri said some of the information wouldn’t make sense till later.

Several times a year, we have Terri come to South Bark. You can make an appointment with her. I am proud to announce that she has released her book, SECRETS OF A petwhisperer: Stop telling your animals to misbehave. On Saturday, May 19th, you can make an appointment and have your book signed!

P.S. Pete is now the ripe old age of 15ish. He is not as spry, but still loves carrots.

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